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Advanced Optimization Techniques
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Advanced Optimization Techniques
Links within the Text
A Link that Does Not Lose PR

On this page I will present several advanced techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

Links within the Text

The easiest location to place links to pages on your site is the body text of other pages. That is the easiest place to make the exact wanted search subject appear. Nevertheless, many site builders do not place link within the text since it results in a non-unified text, which is hard to read and in cases of many links, even non-aesthetic.

Therefore, our proposal is to create a new link style that appears to be body text, but changes when you roll the mouse over it.

To reach this effect, use the following code in your CSS:

A.silent:link, A.silent:visited, A.silent:active { color: black; text-decoration: none; }
A.silent:hover { color: red; text-decoration: underline; }

Note: replace color: with the text color on your page.

Now you can place the links in your text as follows:

<a href="page.htm" class="silent">Silent Link</a>

A Link that Does Not Lose PR

One of the reasons for not placing links on the various pages of a website is the concern of an improper distribution of the page's PR. It is possible to create a link that can be used by the site's visitors, but will not be recognized by the search engines (meaning - a PR will not be transferred to the linked page).

Add the following code to the JavaScript section of your site:

function nofollow(n) {
  n = n.replace(/!/, 'http://www.');

Add the following code to the CSS section of your site:

.link { cursor: pointer; text-decoration: underline; color: #626262; }

For links that you wish to hide from search engines, add the following CSS code:

<span class="link" onclick="javascript:nofollow('!')" onmouseover="'Red';" onmouseout="'#626262';">
Hidden Link

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