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"We landed in Israel in March 2022 and the PPC department of SEO ISRAEL has been with us ever since. We carried out a number of projects with them: support for the construction of our new Israeli website, building string PPC campaigns on several advertising platforms and SEO for the website. We worked together on increasing demand for a new brand in Israel. In November 2022, we officially launched the JD Sports sales website in Israel and within a month and a half we exceeded the monthly revenue target we set and the traffic to the website is increasing. We work with them on several platforms and the professionals in the office work with us on additional projects. There is always someone to talk to and consult with, looking forward to continuing working together."
"Our work with SEO ISRAEL is divided into two fronts. Working with the PPC department which helped us a lot to increase the amount of leads, sales and exposure on Google. And in front of the SEO department that promotes two websites for us: the e-commerce website and the studio website for registering for make-up courses. We are managed by dedicated and professional teams who work with us in full transparency and keep us updated on everything that is done on the sites.​"
"We are happy to thank SEO Israel and our project manager Gal for working together and closely accompanying the project to promote and improve the visibility of the support area on the Samsung Israel website. The professional recommendations we received improved the browsing experience and the quality of assistance we strive to provide to our users and customers. It is a pleasure to work with you and we wholeheartedly recommend your service to any organization who is looking for exceptional expertise in web promotion."
"SEO Israel has been accompanying our activity at Rolltime Group and Impress for several years. Their professionalism combined with the ability to see us and our needs is what makes working with them so fruitful. During the joint work the feeling is always that they are part of our team, true partners in our path. We always know that they will do everything to bring us the best results, offer the newest things that will lead us to solutions and the most correct path for us. The path with them has become a real partnership thanks to their professional and extraordinary team. Since we've been working together I've forgotten what advertising systems look like 😊"
"We cooperated with the SEO Israel company to accompany the new Libra website. In addition, we used their service to connect our CRM system to the analytics account. Another successful collaboration we did together is the implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce on the website. We really enjoyed the service and the professionalism of the team we worked with. Every time we had a question, we got an immediate answer and a desire to help."
"We have been working with SEO Israel for three years in the SEO department. One of the things that is most important to me is service and attention to detail, I must point out that at SEO Israel, unlike other agencies I have worked with, the accuracy, attention to detail, professionalism and quick and patient response make all the difference. I can always be sure that they will do everything and beyond in order to achieve the best results while keeping up with the frequent updates to Google's algorithm. The team I work in front of and Moshe who heads it make the work pleasant and professional, I know I am in professional hands."
"We work with the SEO Israel company on our 3 websites: Tiuly, LaMetayel, and LaMetayel Shop (e-commerce site) and we highly recommend the firm's services. The marketing team made a complete separation between the three sites - something that allowed us to put more emphasis on each of them and promote it in an optimal way. I really like the monthly reports in the work process, the professionalism and attention to important details. In addition, I am happy that there is some "wobbling" in the positive sense of the word, in order for processes to take place. We have been working together for many years!"
"We have been working with the SEO Israel company for several years. The work is carried out in front of two departments in the office: the SEO department and the PPC advertising department. In the paid promotion on Google, we see that there is a continuous graph of an increase in leads and sales. The work process is systematic and orderly with good quality professionals. Looking over time and in front of competitors, you brought the best results."
"We strongly recommend SEO Israel's effective organic SEO services. Their responsiveness, quick problem-solving, and ability to drive increased traffic and conversions have greatly benefited our company websites”.
"We have been working with SEO Israel for about six months with their SEO department. This is a very professional company, we are satisfied with working with them. They accompanied us in the process of moving to a new site, and at the current level in everything related to organic promotion. Professional, dedicated service, high-level reports, quick and professional response and personal attention - there is someone to turn to."
"We are very satisfied with the SEO service that we have been receiving for several years from SEO Israel. The service of the staff members is reflected in the level of quality, availability and speed of response to our requests and/or events applicable in the market.​"
"As the Head of Strategy at Natali Healthcare Services, I've had the pleasure of working with SEO Israel. Their expertise in digital marketing and SEO strategies has been instrumental in enhancing our online presence and reaching our target audience more effectively. The team's professionalism, attention to detail, and innovative approaches have consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend SEO Israel for anyone seeking to elevate their digital marketing and SEO endeavors."
"We have been working with SEO Israel for about six months with their SEO department. This is a very professional company, we are satisfied with working with them. They accompanied us in the process of moving to a new site, and at the current level in everything related to organic promotion. Professional, dedicated service, high-level reports, quick and professional response and personal attention - there is someone to turn to."
"Happy to recommend the Israel SEO office in the SEO operations that we have been performing for several years. We enjoy fast and professional service and response (even if it is not 100% related to organic promotion). The reports we receive at the beginning of each month give us a complete and transparent picture of the traffic to the site along with an explanatory conversation about what happened this month. This is our only supplier that does not require a conversation with the managers because of the great professionalism of the staff members and the project manager with whom we work."
"I am happy to recommend the SEO Israel company. Excellent service, close and personal accompaniment in everything There is always someone to turn to and someone to talk to Helping us promote the business and advertise in the best way It's fun working with you Thank you 😊"
"Following the excellent service we received and still receive every month, we have decided to highly recommend the services of SEO Israel. The services provided to us are Search Optimization, which gives proven results and generates inquiries regularly. PPC, the percentages of clicks and conversions are in a constant trend of increase and in addition to a decrease in the payment per click. The team we work with has a lot of professional knowledge and a high sense of service."
קידום אתרים לנישה
Yaniv Ben Yishai
Sales and Marketing
"We work with the SEO ISRAEL company in the organic promotion of the site. One of the things I like most about the work process is the openness in the conversations I have with the project manager in a professional and humane dialogue. I notice that on the other side sits a person who listens to my wishes and gives me solutions to my problems. I chose to work with them based on past experience I had when I worked at Nimrod Shoes."
"Lahav - Managers Development, has been working for over 15 years with the SEO Israel company in organic promotion. Thanks to the professional and dedicated work of the team, we are always in the highest positions in the various management programs. About a year ago we built a new website and received personal, professional and fast support that contributed greatly to the success of the process and its promotion The successful launch of the new website. Over the years, a number of account managers and teams that we worked with have changed, but we have always received a comprehensive, fundamental and highly professional response. We are very satisfied with the long-standing cooperation with the SEO company and look forward to many more years of working together."
"We strongly recommend SEO Israel and the PPC department in particular. Work that brings results! We have been working with SEO ISRAEL for over 6 years, first in the SEO department and in recent years with the PPC department. The paid promotion is managed in a professional, responsible and efficient manner for our needs. SEO ISRAEL carries out funded campaigns for all the courses provided by the Midrash for Fashion. Beyond the sponsored promotion work, the PPC department is responsible for the marketing strategy, banner designs and they manage the landing pages for us."
Hamidrash logo
Nir Cohen
In light of the success with SEO Israel's SEO department in promoting the website and accompanying our new website, we decided to join forces with SEO Israel's PPC department as well. We work with the PPC department on 5 different advertising platforms. The PPC team studied and is still studying the platforms all the time and to maximize the campaigns for sales and great results! The relationship with the PPC team is on a daily basis and they meet every challenge we put before them. Very satisfied!
"Happy to recommend SEO ISRAEL in cooperation with us in the field of website promotion and accompanying a new website. During the construction of the new website, we received detailed explanations, characterizations of the tasks down to the smallest detail and personal attention. The service is professional, transparent and has a deep understanding of the market."
"We promote our sales site with SEO Israel company. I love the service, the response, the patience, the detailed explanations and the personal treatment I receive from the project manager."
קידות אתרים לחברת סילקן
Noah Wald
Site Manager
"We have worked with SEO Israel for over 12 years both in the field of organic promotion and paid promotion. The SEO and PPC teams worked hard to strengthen our brand as a leader in its field in Israel. We were happy to have a professional team, available and constant in its work throughout the time. The landing pages built in the sponsored campaigns were converting and good!"
קידום אתרים לטיק טק
Yoav Zilberstein
"Our company has been working with SEO Israel for over five years, over the years we have received a professional, personal and immediate response to every request and problem that has arisen. In terms of organic promotion, the SEO company managed to raise our website to excellent positions even though we came to the SEO company with low rankings in terms of search positions, in addition to many problems on the website and its links. We enjoy working together with an SEO company and a contact person who has accompanied us for years personally and directly. Thanks to the promotion, we receive many large projects, so the financial investment more than justifies itself"
קידות אתרים לגלים גנים
Anat Tamari
"I have been working for a long time with the SEO services of SEO Israel This is a group of real professionals, I have worked with several digital marketing & advertising companies in the past and they are undoubtedly the best! They managed to promote my business website in all parameters in a significant way! The work with them is very thorough, there is a monthly follow-up and in-depth thinking while providing a professional and pleasant personal attitude, I highly recommend it to any website that wants to promote itself."
logo - דוד פרלה
David Perla
"The Israel Academic College has worked with the SEO ISRAEL company for over 8 years. During this period we received professional, personal care and attention to issues important to us in promoting the site in the competitive market in which we operate. The SEO company provides organic promotion for the college website that gives proven results and provides us with inquiries regularly. The project managers we work with have professional knowledge and a high sense of service and are always available for any question or request."
קידום אתרים למכללה האקדמית רמת גן
Amit Volkowitz
Marketing Manager
"After a period in which the SEO ISRAEL company provides us with organic promotion services, paid promotion on google and paid advertising on Facebook, I want to thank all the staff members involved for the hard and high-quality work you do for us. Thank you for the professionalism, the pleasant service, the personal and professional involvement and the willingness to be there all the way."
"The SEO Israel company accompanied us for about 7 years and managed our sponsored promotion (PPC) for the group's visitor center, the subscribers' club and the newspaper's mourning sites. We received professional, dedicated and fair treatment. I would like to mention the campaign manager in the PPC department who did a professional job for us and was available to us for any questions and everything with a skilled personal attitude and excellent service."
ידיעות אחרונות לוגו
Meirav Milstein
Digital Marketing Manager
"The SEO Israel company focuses on promoting two websites we own - the colleges' website and the higher education units' website. We have been working together for about 8 years in organic promotion and paid promotion on Google. In SEO, emphasis is placed on a high technical professional level, an increase in conversion rates and improving the user's experience on the site. In PPC, emphasis is placed on lowering click prices and a constant increase in conversion rates. SEO Israel makes sure to hire professional employees! Each field of activity has its own staff. The teams are our partners in strategic thinking for advertising campaigns"
קידום אורגני למכללה האקדמית להנדסה עזריאלי
Miri Selty
Marketing Manager
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