Paid Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

We build campaigns that bring you customers

What are we excellent at?

In managing your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We build a strategy, we set up campaigns, we advertise and we operate this whole thing. But you also have a responsibility – you accept all customers to you.

A Correct & Effective Strategy - that's all there is to it

More purchases
More money in your pocket

Immediate Inquiries from Quality Customers
High Return of Investment (ROI)

Be Where your Audience is

Why Work With Us?

Dedicated Manager

We place emphasis on close supervision and personal treatment throughout the entire advertising period. We are not a supplier, we are partners, and you are much more than a customer


Our experience speaks for itself. over 18 years of experience in advertising and a team of experts in the field


You have full access to your account, where you can see everything that is done. From time to time we will send you performance reports that will show you that you are on the right track

Marketing Strategy that Matches your Business

Building personalized campaigns according to your marketing needs

Regular Reports & Updates

You won't have to ask what we did this month, we'll make sure you're in the loop and always updated on what's going on - from weekly conversations, monthly reports and regular updates

We also Design

As part of our work mainly in social media, we have the experience and capabilities to design the ads and landing pages for you so that you do not have to involve additional resources

How is the work process with SEO Israel?

  • Introductory call
  • Defining business goals and characterizing the business
  • Establishing required accounts
  • Building a marketing strategy
  • Setting up campaigns
  • Copywriting for ads
  • Connecting systems for the purpose of measurement and efficiency
  • Analyzing and optimizing data
  • Sending performance reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is derived as part of a marketing strategy. Not every business is suitable for this platform. Generally, products/services that appeal to a very wide audience, and in particular products with an attractive visual appearance (dishes from restaurants, fashion, jewelry, makeup, etc.) will be suitable for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Confused? Contact us for guidance.

Yes. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram should preferably lead to a certain destination – it could be a landing page for leaving details, a website for immediate purchase, etc. We build websites and landing pages that will be used by you for sponsored advertising.

Advertising on social networks includes several factors such as the size of the target audience, the creation of landing pages, your competitors and their activity on social media and in sponsored campaigns, the purpose of the campaign on your part and more.

We calculate all these factors, create a marketing strategy for campaigns and review together with you the relevant investment cost for each campaign.

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