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Organic SEO that really works has been much more than links for a long time. When approaching the work of promoting a website, it is important to first start with research – get to know the product or service of the business, get to know the potential customers and their intent while searching on google, and last but not least, to get to know and analyze the competitors on Google.

After we have understood what we want to sell and to whom we want to sell it, we approach the task of building the strategy.

Search Engine Optimization - the right way

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research Focused on User Intent

After we get to know you and your product well, we will perform a comprehensive keyword research to locate all the phrases your potential customers are searching for on Google. After we are done with the research, you will receive a file containing everything you need to know - search volumes, level of competitiveness, current location and more...

2. Google Competitor Research

We will use advanced paid tools to gain insights into your main competitors on Google, the phrases that bring them traffic and their promotion methods so that we can create a promotion strategy that will support the goals you have set for yourself.

3. Building an Optimization Strategy for the Next 6 Months

After we have decided together on the Keywords and phrases that need to be promoted on Google, understood what your competitors are doing and set goals, we will build an action plan for the next 6 months so that we are both clear on what is going to happen in the next six months to reach your goals.

4. Performing Over 200 Technical Tests

Our technical team will perform over 200 manual and automatic tests simulating Google's bots, using advanced tools, we will locate all the technical problems on your site. We will then create a report listing all the problems, instructions on how to fix them and prioritize the importance of each problem we found.

5. Continuous Optimization for Landing Pages, Articles and Other Content

Optimization for titles and meta tags, detailed briefs for writing quality content, optimization for product and category pages (e-com sites), optimization for images and video on the website, improving URL structure and defining hierarchy, creating internal links to strengthen pages, hierarchy and improving call-to-action to maximize conversions.

6. Creating Quality Content Every Month

In most areas in which we would like to advance in Google, we will probably have to show Google that we know what we are talking about and that we talk about it a lot. Simply put - to produce good content, which is suitable for the site's target audience, and with a frequency that is suitable for the niche we are promoting.

7. Online Reputation Management and Link Creation

Monitoring and creating reviews from satisfied customers on Google My Business and Google Maps, adding the site to high-quality indexes, monitoring mentions of the brand, creating quality links from other sites in similar or related fields and creating inbound links through the hundreds of sites we have.

Our Experts excel in

E-Commerce & SAAS Websites

Organic website promotion that focuses on phrases with a high purchase intention on the part of the user, improving conversion rates on your website and accurate analytics tracking. Our goal is your goal - to bring you more sales through organic traffic from Google.

News Sites and Other Large Sites

Professional promotion on Google that will focus on increasing traffic from Google News, Search results and Google Discover. When we promote particularly large sites, we emphasize on making lateral improvements to the site, updated keyword research and more.

Local Business and Enterprise Websites

We will promote the keywords that will bring you more leads and phone calls, and we will not waste time on those that will not bring you customers. Our keyword research will focus on the searches your potential customers are looking for and our content plan will focus on the content your target audience wants.

Consulting, Risk Management & Support in Building and Upgrading a Website

From the sketches to the launching of your new website - we will make sure that the website will be 100% ready for Google and we will protect you from mistakes that will cost you a lot later. The service is accompanied by detailed technical documents, we will work closely with the website building company or the development team and if it is an upgrade to an existing site we will perform risk management and review what should change to the website to better promote it.

Suppressing Negative Search Results on Google

Suppressing the negative mentions on Google of your name or brand, to keep the brand clean, protect against customer abandonment and improve public image. If something bad was written about you and it appears on Google - we can get rid of it.

Technical SEO Audit - Specialist Website Review

We will scan, test and analyze your website using hundreds of different tests to detect faults and weak points in the organic promotion. We will prioritize all the issues we have found for you in order of importance, and explain why it is important to address each problem we have found. By the end of the process - you will have a clear image of what is important to fix, what can wait and what is hindering the organic promotion of your website.

FAQ - Organic Website Promotion

SEO is not a quick process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see results in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes a few fixes and your site takes off. Since each keyword has its level of competitiveness in Google, there are keywords that will rise to the first page of Google within a few months and there are very competitive keywords that will require a year or more of constant promotion.

Our recommendation – include keywords for long-term promotion but also keywords for short-term promotion in your promotion strategy.

You are inundated with offers from different SEO companies, and on paper, all the SEO companies look the same. Before you choose the website promotion company that will handle your most important digital asset, we recommend performing several important tests:

  • Search for the company name and lawsuits on Google, a company with a lot of dissatisfied customers will also sue quite a few
  • Ask for examples of clients who have been promoted in fields similar to yours
  • Make sure the agency has proven experience in promoting websites of your type and has done it successfully in the past
  • Ask for recommendations from satisfied customers, preferably from your field
    Ask how many staff members will be working on your site and what their training is
  • Ask for samples of the monthly reports sent to the customers
    Ask about the SEO service SLA

Ultimately, you want to trust your provider. Be sure to work with a website promotion company that has a track record of reliability, success and keeping its commitments to its clients.

  • Because you are tired of promoters rubbing off on you
  • Because you demand transparency from your suppliers and are tired of asking “what did you do this month?”
  • Because you want to benefit from the accumulated experience and knowledge that comes with over 18 years of successful and proven website promotion activity
  • Because you want more than a supplier, you want a partner

Contact us to hear more, reads about us and our expert digital marketing team.

In most cases, yes.

SEO is actually harvesting demand on Google. If your customers are searching for phrases related to your product or service, you have a lot to gain by being there when they search for it.

SEO is not intended for market education, therefore in the few cases where the customers are simply not on Google, we recommend investing your effort and resources in alternative digital marketing channels such as paid promotion on Google or Facebook.

As always it depends. The price of website promotion is determined according to several parameters:

  • The field in which the site operates and its position in the field
    The strength of your brand
  • The locations and goals you want to achieve
  • Your current status on Google
  • Site promotion history
    The countries where you want to promote the site

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