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Paid ads on Google (what is still often known as PPC or the longer name Pay-Per-Click) may seem simple, but in reality it isn’t. For a Google advertising campaign to really work, a lot of energy must be invested in daily optimization and in monitoring campaign performance. In addition to making many adjustments to create continuous improvement. This is the only way to get the most out of what you have invested. Yes, anyone can advertise on Google, but only a few do it really well.

A few points that are not talked about enough (but are very important):

1. Product Feed Managment

Advertising campaigns that present your products on Google (Shopping Campaigns) require a perfect transfer of product information from your store's management system to Google's data center (Merchant Center). The problem is that the road there is usually full of obstacles and malfunctions. Professional management of the product feed will ensure that the data reaches its destination completely and accurately.

2. Cleaning and Improving

In every campaign on Google, a careful examination will reveal that payment is also made for things that do not bring any results. For example: products that do not convert, keywords that are not relevant, sites that bring low quality traffic and much more. It is very important to regularly clean these noises from the campaign, so that your budgets are directed to the right places and not just waste away.

3. Close Budget Management

Daily monitoring of the performance and expenses of your advertising campaigns is essential. If demand is increasing in a certain area, but the budget in your advertising campaign is limited, then we are losing an opportunity. On the other hand, an advertising campaign that brings low-quality traffic, or if no one sees it, and nothing is done to stop the flow of money into the campaign, it's like throwing money down the drain.

4. Measurement & Analysis

Accurate measurement of the advertising results and a smooth transfer of data to Google, will allow for real-time optimization of the advertising campaigns. However, measurement problems, connection problems, and data matching problems are commonplace, and prompt handling of them is essential. Only a few professionals know how to locate the problems, and even fewer know how to solve them.

It's time for your advertising campaigns to be managed with the love, professionalism and precision they deserve. Because we treat your money as if it were ours.

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Some Questions (and Answers) that Might Interest You:​

The cost of paid promotion on Google is divided into the cost you pay to Google, and the cost you pay to the person who manages the campaign for you. The cost that is paid to Google is determined by the number of clicks on your advertisements. The higher the competition in your field, the higher the cost per click. The cost to the PPC manager is usually a percentage of the advertising budget, with a monthly minimum for this cost usually also pre-defined.

Companies that specialize in Google advertising usually define a certain percentage of the budget they manage for you, according to which the payment for advertising management is determined. The percentage usually ranges from 20% for small campaigns to 9% for large campaigns. Companies usually set a minimum budget with which they work.

There are many companies that offer sponsored promotion services on Google, and the differences between their capabilities are very large. Some examples of key areas in which the various promotion companies differ are: analysis, technical ability, creativity, ability to manage a budget, the time spent on each client and the experience gained. We recommend examining the capabilities of the promotion company in each of these areas.

Where Can you Advertise with Google?

google shopping

Google Shopping

Ads for your products in Google Search results
google ads

Google Search

Text ads appearing in Google Search results
Youtube logo

YouTube Video

Video and text ads that appear within YouTube videos

Content Network

Text and media ads appearing on various content sites

Why Advertise With Google Ads?

Full Control

Full control over advertising budgets - you have full control over the monthly budget

Payment on Click

You will only pay if someone clicked and reached your site, they didn't click? You don't pay!

Advertising to the Targeted Audience

Your ads will be shown to people who have actually searched for your product/service

Immediate Results

The great advantage of paid advertising over organic promotion is that the results are obtained immediately without having to wait for several months

Account Performance Analysis

The ability to analyze the performance of your campaigns in order to maximize profit, and invest your money in what really works!

No Need to Build a Website

Unlike organic promotion where a website is needed, in sponsored promotion there is no need for a website but only a landing page to bring in leads

What Does it Mean to be a Google Partner?

The ‘Google Partner’ badge is only awarded to advertising agencies that have demonstrated skill and expertise, led to an increase in customer revenue and manage many customer accounts in Google Ads. As a result, we deal with Google on an ongoing basis and with direct contact with our representative at Google – questions, consultations and invitations to professional conferences.

Exactly for this reason, you should have us lead the sponsored campaigns of your business.

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