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Web analytics service helps you understand your users' behavior and optimize your website

Understanding your users

Analyze to better understand your users

More Leads
More Sales
Improving the flow of the site

Reviewing the effectiveness of paid campaigns

Analyze, learn and get the most out of users' behavior

If you could choose a superpower, it would probably be the ability to see into your website. What are the users reading? Where do they linger? Are your ads doing the job? what causes users to abandon before the payment stage? Or in short – what needs to be improved to lead the users to do the actions you want? The Web Analytics service is like giving you website an x-ray, it allows us to examine user behavior from the moment they enter the website until they leave it. This information is worth nothing less than gold and with it you can improve your website flow to increase profits.

When are measurement services needed?

מנהל/ת פרויקטים SEO

When you want to increase sales and leads, But also improve lead quality

מומחי קידום אתרים

when you want to improve your ROI and learn why users abandon their cart

SEO טכני

When managing advertising campaigns and you want to check their effectiveness accurately

"What cannot be measured, cannot be managed"

This sentence was said by Peter Drucker, the father of modern management theory, and we have no choice but to agree. We summarize the extensive information gathered on your website in a detailed and in-depth report, from which you can derive a work plan to improve your website in a variety of aspects – website quality and loading speed, content quality, “broken” website pages, etc. 

The result will be an adapted website that is interesting to the user and marketing channels that have adapted their messages to the target audience, which will lead to an increase in sales and in the quality of leads.

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Web Analytics FAQ

  • Checking the integrity of the implementation of Google Analytics and Tag Manager on the website.
  • Conversion rate improvement service
  • Building customized reports in your analytics.
  • Building dedicated dashboards for a broader and more comprehensive look at the things that are important to you from the site.
  • Special implementations on websites such as the implementation of Google Tag Manager, Enhance Ecommerce and more.

Informational and content sites also have a purpose. Making contact, leaving details in a contact form, obtaining high exposure time, clicking on links, sharing articles & information on social media and more. Any website that has a defined end goal can use this wonderful service.

  • Which buttons and banners do the users click on?
  • Which files do users download?
  • Which links on the site are being used?
  • What is the difference in the characteristics of users coming from different sources
  • Which areas of the site contribute to the achievement of our goals and which hinder their achievement?
  • Which parts of the website do the users focus on and what do they ignore?
  • Which devices and browsers are being used to access the website
  • The ability to monitor target audiences – age ranges, gender of users, residential areas and more.

We offer a Web Analytics service by high-level analysts and produce a detailed report for you, through which you can get to know the weak and strong points of your website, to better understand how to pave the way to a website that does the job for you.

Afterwards, we can take care of said weaknesses we have identified and perform various tests in order to verify the improvement of reaching your goals. Alternatively we can assist by creating detailed recommendations on how to improve your website’s achievements

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