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Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness = Page quality
E.E.A.T is one of the factors that determine the quality of the page.

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Your Money Your Life is content that, if presented in an inaccurate, false or misleading manner, may directly affect: the joy, health, security, or financial stability of the reader.

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Bounce Rate

Represents the percentage of users who enter the site and immediately leave without interacting with the page, or viewing additional pages on the site.

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Web Crawlers

The way search engines collect information about your website is through Crawling Bots (also called spiders, crawlers and bots), which scan the billions of web pages all the time.

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H1–H6: Heading Tag

Defining a main heading and sub-headings in HTML is done with the help of heading tags < h1 > to < h6 >. An < h1 > tag is the most visible tag. As the tag number increases, the size of the actual header is smaller.

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Common Google Problems

A common phenomenon in Google is a situation where pages appear in the search results when instead of the page’s title its address (URL) appears, the website does not have a text section (description) from the website

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robots.txt file

A considerable part of the crawling robots that operate today will look for the robots.txt file in the main directory of your website. This file should help them decide which parts of the site they should avoid entering.

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robots tag

The robots meta tag provides various permissions to the crawling robots regarding a particular page on the site.

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Shomer Shabbat Website

Shabbat comes every week and lasts about 25 hours. Every action that we perform on the site with such frequency and cycle will have consequences for SEO, especially on sites that are scanned with high frequency by Google.

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