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Over 20 Years of Experience and Success in Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaign Management, Analytics, BI and more

SEO Israel was founded in 2003 by Oren Shatz, one of the digital pioneers in Israel. Back in the early days of digital in Israel, when the term “Google SEO” was in its infancy, we at SEO Israel began to pave the way to the top of digital marketing in Israel and became a SEO company that leads the field in Israel.

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Our Values

Good is the Enemy of Excellent

In our performance scale, the term "good" is not accepted. Although our name goes before us, we always strive to improve, progress and develop. We believe that in order to be at the top for so long, you have to stick to hard work and strive to find solutions, where you have already stopped believing. Your business is you - we will make sure that you are not good, but excellent.

The Best People

We only want the best. The strength of the company comes from forming a winning team that makes the difference. We believe in people and make sure to empower them - both employees and customers. Happy employees are high performing employees, and when we deliver high performance, you are happy too. Thus, we create a circle where everyone is satisfied and that is what keeps us up.

The Customer at the Center

Our customers are the basis of our existence, and accordingly we invest most of our resources in personal dialogue, involvement and fruitful cooperation. We know how to change when you change, and know how to respond to your needs quickly. Beyond that, you are always welcome for coffee at our company offices. You are at the center, and we are your strategic partners.

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