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Conversion Rate Improvement Process

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Improving Measurement & Analysis

1. Improving Data Measurement and Analysis

The most important element of a website is… the users. We examine the sources of arrival of users (AKA how they got to the website), the various characteristics of the results for each and every source. In this way, it is possible to identify the degree of effectiveness of all the means of promotion and advertising of the site, and it helps identify the right audiences for said advertisements.

The research continues within the site: which parts of the site do users focus on, what do they ignore, what causes them to leave? what leads to an action? which buttons and links do users click on and which ones do they not? On these and many other questions, our team checks using various means: heat maps that allow us to identify the mouse movements of the users, Google Analytics, webmaster tools, recording of user sessions and more.

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Hypotheses & Experiments

2. Hypotheses and Experiments

After the analysis phase, we have several hypotheses for actions and changes that will improve the site’s achievements. Every change we recommend is tested. Sometimes it is an A/B test that compares two versions of the same page with and without the change we recommend, and sometimes it is a test in which several components on the page are changed and tested at the same time (Multivariate Testing).

Using the above tests, we identify exactly what the effect of each component is on achieving our goal, we improve and refine the changes, if necessary, until we reach an optimal state.

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Improving Website Performance

3. If it works - it goes live. if it does not - to the trash.

Oftentimes, changing a small detail can bring a great benefit: an intelligent change of: color, image, caption, etc. is often an “opening of a blockage” that changes the site’s achievements for the better after making a simple change.

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