Maintaining Privacy

We work to protect your privacy when using the website. We may use technology to track the usage patterns of site visitors. This may include the use of “cookies” stored on the user’s web browser. The browser can be restricted so that it does not store these cookies. The information collected is statistical only, and does not identify you personally. By agreeing to the terms of use, you authorize the company to use the information that will be stored about your use of the website for the purpose of generating statistical analyzes and transferring it to third parties – as long as the information does not identify you personally and everything is subject to the provisions of the law.

If you choose to contact us by contacting us through the website, SEO Israel may use your details for the purpose of contacting you and adapting the website to your personal needs and preferences. SEO Israel will not sell or share your personal information with any third party without seeking your full consent, and in advance, except as necessary or as required by law or in legal proceedings when this information is relevant. The personal information we collect will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with our security policy and the law.

Some of the services on the website, including various information requests, require the entry of identification data and personal details such as name, telephone and e-mail address. You are not obligated to provide this information, but it is possible that your failure to provide accurate information will not allow the use of these services.

We reserve the right to transfer to third parties aggregated general information about the users, registrants and information requesters on the website.

At any time you have the right to be deleted from the site’s mailing list, using the removal link in the body of the email sent.

Advertisements on the Website

Any reliance by a user and/or any third party, on any content, information, advertisements, products, services, opinions and positions, displayed or published on the website and/or on websites to which there is a possibility of reference, as mentioned, including in the information, content, opinions and positions displayed or published There, it is done at the discretion of the user and at his sole responsibility.

SEO Israel will not be responsible for any damage, harm, loss or expense caused to the user and/or any third party in connection with any act and/or omission originating from any third party. SEO Israel will not be responsible for any omission and/or action, of any kind, that creates a relationship between the user and any third party and/or that originates from such a relationship, even if the user first learned about the third party from a publication on the website.

SEO Israel will not be responsible for a contract that will be created between a user and a third party, and will not be responsible for the nature and/or quality of the product and/or service provided and/or offered to the user by a third party.

Sending Emails

The user agrees that SEO Israel has the right to send to the email address (which he provided with his registration on the website or when requesting information on the website) messages and updates, including those that include advertising and/or commercial messages, as long as the user’s personal data is not transferred to a third party.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change from time to time the privacy policy of the site. The changes will be immediate from the publication of the new policy at this address. Substantial changes will be published at the same time on the homepage of the website.

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