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Accurate Pagerank
Accurate Pagerank

Every page in Google?s database has a numeric value that represents its general importance in Google's opinion. This is the PageRank. Google divides all websites on the Internet into groups according to this number. You may have already encountered this familiar division to ten groups marked from 1 to 10 (PR1-PR10) and a penalty group (PR0).

Few people are aware of the fact that there is an additional division of Internet webpages that has only seven groups. That is the Google Site Guide. In this guide Google also divides the webpages in its cache into groups, but in this case only into seven groups.

Why is it important to know that there two divisions?

It is important to know that there is no complete correlation between the tool bar and the guide groups in case you are interested to know what your placement within the PR5 group is. This will be presented below.

Finding a site guide group

In order to find the site guide group of a certain website, you should peek into its source code. Inside the page, look for your site?s name, a little before that should be a tag that looks like this (code may vary slightly):

<img src="/images/pos.gif" width=22, height=4>
<img src="/images/neg.gif" width=18 height=4>

The first part, a GIF file named pos.gif will show in what group you are located in the width field (22 in this case).

Important Note: if there is no green pagerank symbol near your site on the site guide, then this value is zero.

Using the new information
Now that we know that the site is located in group 22, we can refer to the following table:

Toolbar Groups:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Site guide groups:
0 5 11 16 22 27 32 38

You can see that a website that is located in group 22 is parallel to a high PR5 or a low PR6 group.

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