Above the Fold’ is the part of a web page that can be seen in the browser window when it is first loaded.

In other words, it is the first thing the user sees on the page without scrolling. The concept is taken from the field of the written press, where the newspaper is usually folded in half when it is sold, therefore the first half that is shown should have interesting headlines and pictures to attract buyers – the same is true on the Internet. The top should be attractive.

It should be noted that the ‘Above the Fold’ can be different on mobile – usually less information will be displayed on the initial screen than on the desktop since the screen size is smaller. That’s why it’s worth checking how the page looks on mobile as well. This can be done by right-clicking on the page -> check -> a window will open with a code -> you need to click on the marked icon.

Inspect to turn on mobile view

Why is Above the Fold important?

Because it’s the first thing the user sees – it’s what draws their attention. It’s like reading the title of an article – if the title attracts us we will continue reading the content. If not, we will move on. And we want the user to keep reading. That is why it is important to attract the user to further reading from the first glance.

Things that should appear Above the Fold

  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – What sets us or our product or service apart from others?
  • A short description of the product or service – no more than 2 sentences.
  • Logo – Brand if any.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation bar.
  • The “Contact Us” button boosts E.A.T
  • Call to action – not mandatory.

Google looks at the main content that is in the ATF and when it does not refer to the content that appears in the menu. That is, Google tries to examine the unique content that appears in this area. That’s why it’s important to invest in this content. But it is important to emphasize that a convenient menu certainly affects the user’s behavior, and it should not be underestimated either.

The content Above the Fold varies depending on the type of page

  • Ecommerce product page: It is important that the product name, price, image and link to purchase appear.
  • In an article: main title, date, author’s name, subtitle.
  • Category page: Category name, display of at least one product on the first screen.


We recommend not to overdo it with advertisements and banners in ATF because it may discourage and even push the content down. Also, it is important not to cover the content with pop-up advertisements or banners.