Your Money Your Life is content that, if presented in an inaccurate, false or misleading manner, may directly affect: the joy, health, security, or financial stability of the reader.

Google’s Guidelines

In other words this type of content has tremendous weight. If you create a YMYL page with bad advice, or incorrect information, you may affect the lives and health of your readers, so Google takes this type of content very seriously. YMYL content should only be written by experts.

YMYL - Google Guide

Why is this interesting to us in terms of SEO?

This index gives us a glimpse of how Google examines whether content is of high quality or low quality. As a search engine, Google wants its users to receive an accurate and high-quality answer to their search, and in order to test the effectiveness of the algorithm in understanding the user’s intent, Google employs human testers who give scores to the pages they check. Based on the guide, we can understand what content Google considers to be of high quality or low quality. (YMYL is considered high quality).

What content is included in the YMYL category:

  1. Current news and events – news on important topics such as: international events, business, politics, science, technology, etc. It should be noted that not all types of news articles are necessarily considered YMYL. Sports, entertainment, and lifestyle are not considered.
  2. Information about government, laws and civil rights – information about elections, important information that every citizen should know, information about government offices, public institutions, social services, legal matters (wills, divorces, adoption, etc.)
  3. Financial – financial information or advice regarding investments, taxes, retirement planning, loans, banking, insurance, and especially websites that allow users to purchase products online or make transfers.
  4. Online shopping – information about or services related to research or purchasing products/services, especially pages that allow users to make online purchases.
  5. Health and safety – advice or information about medical matters, medicines, hospitals, emergency preparedness, risk level of a certain activity, etc.
  6. Groups of people – information about or claims related to groups of people including, but not limited to, a group based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.
  7. Other – There are lots of other topics related to big decisions or important aspects of people’s lives that may therefore be considered YMYL such as: fitness, nutrition, housing information, choosing an academic institution, finding a job, etc. Discretion must be exercised.