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The various search engines including Google and the MSN search engine, offer special advanced search commands that can assist you in receiving answers for specific questions. The following article gives you an idea about some of these main options.

allin: Commands

The purpose of this commands group is to filter search results according to where the search phrase is located. Lets assume that I want to find all sites that contain the phrase "site promotion" in their title. This is exactly what the "allin" search commands are intended for.

The allin command should be inserted before the requested search phrase. Following is an example for using one of the "allin" commands:

allintitle: site promotion

This command will only return sites that include the words "promoting" and "title" in their page title.

"allin" commands that are recognized by Google:

  • allintitle:

will return sites that contain the word in their title.

  • allinanchor:

will return all sites that link to a certain page and contain the word in their anchor text.

  • allintext:

will return all sites that contain the word in their body text.

  • allinurl:

will return all sites that contain the word in their URL.

The above commands only work with the Google search engine. The MSN search engine operates with similar commands, but without the "all" prefix. This means that the commands work for one word each time, and not for a phrase. In order to find all pages that contain "site promotion" in their title, you should input the next line on MSN:

intitle:Site intitle:promotion

site: Command

The site: command enables to limit the Google search results to a specific site. This command is useful for knowing which pages from your site appear in the search engine on which you perform this check. Using this command is as follows:


This search will return all pages that include the word "SEO".

The above search will return all pages that exist in the examined search engine cache.

link: Command

The "link" command allows checking which websites direct to certain URL (incoming links). The use of this command is as follows:

the above search will return all pages that include a link to the page

filetype: Command

The "filetype" command allows limiting Google's search results according to file type. This command is useful for receiving search results from a certain type of pages only, such as .txt, .html .pfd and so on. In addition, this command also supports main Office files: .xls, .rtf, .doc and .ppt.

SEO filetype:pdf

New search engine commands

Lately, the engine announced a series of advanced new search commands, some of which are very interesting.

The linkdomain command returns all incoming links to a certain page from a specific domain.

The contains: command is an experimental command that returns all pages that link to a page with a certain suffix. This is an excellent way to recognize links to binary files (images, clips, audio files etc) that are not scanned by search engines.

contains:mp3 Hey Jude

This command returns all pages that contain the text "Peace Song" and have a link to an .mp3 file.

An advanced implementation of the "contains" command is for finding blogs, for example. Since most of the blogs operate an rss or xml channel, the following search can help you find blogs on SEO:

SEO contains:(rss xml rdf atom)

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