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One of the most important factors in site promoting is inbound links from other websites. While most people check the number of outgoing links (for example, by using the linkdomain command on MSN or Yahoo), it?s not always the quantity of links that counts.

Additional Information regarding Links:

Building Inbound Links

A site may have 10,000 inbound links, but all of them will be from one website or from a very limited number of sites.

To make things clearer ? a 1,000 links from 3 sites are worth less than a 100 links from 100 sites!

Many people boast about the large number of inbound links to their site, but one must carefully check how many separate sites really direct to the website ? and when we say separate ? it is time to introduce the ?c class? subject.

Let?s think of a man that owns a hundred websites. All the sites are located on the same server; therefore all will have the same IP address. This site owner builds a new website, and immediately inserts a link to this new site on each of his existing 100 websites. The result ? thousands of inbound links, but all from the same IP address! Will these links count as a 100 links from websites that are connected to each other? Which links seem more ?natural??

Let?s take our example one step further. It is possible that our 100 sites are located on 3 IP addresses, but these addresses are consecutive:, and on? you can see that the first three digits of the IP address are identical, and only the last digit changes. This kind of situation is described as a situation where all the websites are on the same ?c class? ? meaning on the same IP address group.

Google checks carefully all inbound links. In case different links originate from the same webpage, site or c class, those links will lose their value!

Inbound Links Testing Tool:

C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool

A number of tips on this subject:

**If you own a number of websites, you should invest into hosting them with different hosting companies, so that your site will have a different ?c class? and any links between these sites will not be harmed. For this reason, reseller packages are problematic for site promotion

**You should avoid placing several subject related websites on the same server ? if you have four websites on two subjects, you better place the sites that differ in subject on the same server. This way any links between the subject related sites will be on different servers.

**If you are offered numerous inbound links ? check if they are not from the same c class.

**Check with your hosting company ? some companies can offer a number of IP ranges, meaning that they have more that one c class.

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