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Listing in the DMOZ index ( is very important for your site. Correct listing will substantially push up your site?s location in search results.

Choosing Category

Your listing in dmoz will act as an incoming link to your site; therefore you should choose a category with the highest PR possible. You should also try to find a category with the least amount of sites listed. The smaller the number of websites in a category is, the bigger the part of the PR that will be transferred to your website.

When search engines are looking for keywords, they search for them not only in the site?s name and description (as they appear in DMOZ index), but also in the category name in which your site is displayed. If you are trying to promote your site with the keywords blue widgets, a good category will be:

widgets blue widgets

A not so good category will be:


There is an editor for each index category, but some parts of the index receive very big amounts of new sites, while having only a few editors. Therefore, it?s better to submit your site to a category which has a designated editor. You can check whether a specific category has an editor at the bottom of the category page.

Do not submit your site to more than one category at once. In case the site already appears in a certain category, your request for submitting it to another category may be denied. If you submit two requests at the same time, you may find that the category that was accepted isn?t the best option for you. Only after one submission was accepted, you may try another category.

You can submit a website to a main category, and to a regional category (to your website?s target area). Meaning, you can submit it to the main bonbons category and to the Israeli bonbons category.

Categories that are placed high on the DMOZ category tree will have a higher PR, but don?t be tempted to submit your site to these ? it is a risk since the editor may transfer your site to a sub-category, and thus you will have no control over which category you will be placed in.

Site name and description

The most important keywords should appear in the site?s name, and should be repeated in the site?s description. You can also add less important keywords in the description ? this may also help.

A good site?s description would be:

Shwartz Blue Widgets ? homepage of the Shwartz Company that markets blue widgets, red widgets and widget accessories.

Basic rules

Do not submit a site that has ?under construction? messages and such. You don?t need your entire site to have content, but there should be enough content to will persuade the editor that your site should be added to the index.

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