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The Google Adsense system is a fast and easy way for site owners of all sizes to present content targeted ads coming from Google's advertising systsm - Google Adwords. The ads are shown on content pages within the site, and for each click on these ads, the site owner earns money. Google Adsense matches the ads to the page's content, a method called Contextual Advertising. This method provides highly targeted ads for you users, and by that high click through rates. The site owner can make money while enhancing his user experience.

How does Google Adsense select ads for my site?

After the registration to the service, you can get a Javascript code that you can place on any page within your site. Once this code is placed, targeted ads will start to appear. That's it. From now on, all you need to do is wait, and collect your payments - Google Adsense will take care of the rest: finding targeted ads for your content and showing these ads to your users.

Google's matching capabilities are more than matching keywords in the ads to keywords on your pages. The system uses a sofisticated algorithm to determine what your page is about, so that the best ads would be used.

When Google determines which ads to show, they do that based on several parameters:

  • Relevance: The more relevant the ads is, the higher its priority would be.
  • Price: The higher the price the advertiser is willing to pay, the higher would its priority be.
  • Conversion Rate: Attractive ads, with high click through rates and high conversion rates would appear higher.

You should place Google Adsense on pages with primarily text content. Only texts are used for understanding the site's content, so the more textual content you have, the better the analysis would be. It is also important to note that pages that are blocked with username and password or using a robots.txt file can also present a problem.

Registration for Google Adsense

There are several things you should note when registering:

  • At this point Google Adsense does not support Hebrew. If try to register to the service using a Hebre site, your registration may be declined. This is why it is important to register using an Engligh based site (at least for the beginning).
  • Later on you will be able to add as many sites as you wish to your account, without approving every site seperatly.
  • Make sure you enter your mailing address correctly.
  • Check with your bank if you can get a discount on the charges the bank makes when you deposig a check from abroad. This charge can be as high as $15 per check.

How much do you earn?

Google pays site owners based on the number of clicks on Google Adsense ads on their site. The exact numbers are kept as a secret, but it seems that Goolge pays site owners around 60% of what they charge the advertisers.

There are several factors that influance the price the advertiser pays for clicks on his ads:

Page Content

The more advertisers compete on a certain subject, the higher will the price they pay be.

Smart Pricing

This is the name of an algorithm that Google created to give automatic discounts on the click price in pages or sites that are not expected to create a high percentage of customers. It is not totaly clear how Google decides which sites are "good" and which are "bad".

Overall site performace

Google examines the site as a whole, and not just each site by itself. If a certain site is not producing results, that could also influance pages that do perform well.


Clicks that are creating in a fraudalant manner (mostly clicks by the site owner) will not be paid for. Even worse - These clicks are the number 1 reason for throwing a site owenr from Google Adsense for ever...

A customer that couldn't find you is your competitor's customer..

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