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The internal structure of your website is also of great importance. Your site's internal links structure guides the search engines within your site and allows search engine robots to locate all available information pages.

Each link that leads to a specific page is regarded as a vote of confidence for this page. When many links lead to a page, it will seem more important to search engines, and will be displayed higher in the search results. In order to define a homogenous index for evaluating the importance of a certain webpage according to the number of links that lead to it, the Google people invented the pagerank.

Additional information regarding the PageRank index:


Additional information regarding links quality:

Link Quality

Internal links uniformity

Internal links should be divided into three main parts:

  • Links to the homepage
  • Links to a specific page

You should maintain a uniform structure for links to your homepage. The homepage is the most important page on the site; therefore all of the site's pages should contain a link to the homepage. When directing to the homepage, you should always use its full URL ("").

Following are several common mistakes made by site builders:

  • index.html
  • /

A link to a sub-folder should also be uniform. If you are using a specific directing method, make sure that you use the same method everywhere. A specific directing method means directing to the main page of the sub-folder instead of the actual folder.

Directing to the folder: <a href="/forum/">

Directing to the folder's main page: <a href="/forum/default.asp">

There are two possibilities for creating a direction to a specific page, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

Full Path

<a href="">

The advantage of this kind of direction is in situations where there are several types of directions to your site, e.g. as to vs. With this kind of a direction, it will always be directed to the same page.

Relative Path

<a href="page.htm">

The advantage of this method is that if your site serves several domains, you don't need to keep full copies of all of your site's pages. An example of a site that has two domains: and


In order to make sure that the search engine robots have access to all of the website's pages, the idea of a site map was born.

A site map is a page that you can reach from the homepage and all other pages, which includes links to all of your site's pages.

The concept of a site map is to serve as an outline of the site's navigation bar, and therefore the map's structure should correlate to the structure of your navigation bar (category names, page names, etc). In addition, the order of appearance of the pages on the site map should be in the same order as displayed in the navigation bar.

The general recommendation to stay within the limits of less than a hundred links per page applies also to the site map. Therefore, if your site contains more than a hundred pages, you should consider removing some pages from the site (remove the pages that you don't expect to show up in search results).

The site map is the location in which the link text should be made as effective as possible (what would often seem strange if performed on an ordinary webpage).

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