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The purpose of advertising in search engines is to bring your advertising message to the most relevant visitors, to make them familiar with your brand name, and to bring them to your website in order to receive additional information or to purchase a product that is sold on your site. Advertising in search engines grabs the potential customer?s attention when he is interested in your product.

Building an Internet advertising campaign requires skill. The decision regarding how you are going to invest the allocated resources for advertising in search engines is very important strategically; therefore it should not be taken offhand.

The decision regarding where to place your advertisement does not require deep knowledge of the expected results in each advertising channel as opposed to the expected cost. The proper definition of an Internet advertising campaign will ensure that the advertising is not targeted for an irrelevant target audience. Finally, a correct advertising message will increase the target audience?s response to your message.

Professional knowledge is required in order to achieve an optimal cost/return ratio. We will be glad to assist you with building an optimal advertising campaign for your website.

Advertising Payment Methods

There are several ways to set the payment for Internet advertising. Following are some of the most common methods:

Pay for Inclusion

Several indexes require payment for including your website in their index (PFI). Other indexes require payment for accelerating the inclusion process. In any case, for indexes that require payment for inclusion, free listing may be impossible or may take a long time.

Pay for Position

Many search engines and indexes allow websites to be listed at the top of their search results for pre-defined keywords for a fee (PFP). In this case, the site will be placed in an eminent location.

Pay Per Click

More and more search engines and indexes are moving to the Pay Per Click method. With this method the advertiser is paying only when his advertisement is clicked. Therefore, if there are no clicks on your advertisement, you don?t pay. Payment for this method is determined by setting a Cost Per Click (CPC).

Cost per Mil - CPM

Payment for this method (CPM) is according to the number of users that saw your ad (number of exposures) regardless of the number of clicks on your ad.

Payment per Period

Payment for this method is for a pre-determined amount set for the desired advertising duration period.


Payment for this method is a percentage of the profits derived from ad clicks, or as a set sum for each deal (Conversion).

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