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Web surfers want immediate satisfaction. They move fast, and don?t like to get lost. Something isn?t clear? One click and they are on the next site.

When a surfer clicks your ad, he does it for a specific reason. He wants to understand immediately what your site has to offer him. Here and Now. You sent him to the homepage? Your chance of losing a client increases by the minute. Why? Because he doesn?t have the time to read all you have to say, certainly not about your company?s vision and the date it was established.

You Need a Landing Page

The bottom line is that a landing page can make all the difference. For example, a thoroughly planned landing page can increase the exchange ratio (the ratio between the number of visitors and the visitors that required additional information or made a purchase) from 1.5% to 2.5%. That is a huge difference. And the bonus: no additional investment in advertising is required!

A Landing that Takes You Off

So what is a landing page? A landing page is a web page on your site that bridges between your ad or the link that leads to your site, and the relevant content for the specific chosen search words.

If the promotion process intends to bring visitors to your site, the landing page is designed to greet, persuade and motivate them: to make a purchase, leave their details, fill a registration form, join your mailing list, watch a clip and so on.

In order to increase effectiveness, a good landing page will be planned in a manner that makes a visitor following a certain search term feel that he has reached the exact desired place, and that this is the place to find the most relevant information ? and of course, an offer he can?t refuse.

Imagine that you are marketing workshops for organizations. Among others, there is a workshop for salesmen training. If you didn?t have a specific landing page for marketing this workshop, a surfer that used ?salesmen training? as his search words, would end up on your homepage, from where he had to begin a tedious search for the workshop best suited for him.

But on your site, instead of reaching a homepage? he will feel right at home. Thanks to the soft landing directly on the landing page you dedicated solely for explaining about the salesmen training workshop and its obvious advantages.

If the landing page is well written, your visitor will understand exactly ?what?s in it for him? and will perform the desired action.

Writing Professional Landing Pages

Unlike writing other pages on your site, writing landing pages requires specialization and professional skills.

We will be glad to answer any questions concerning writing landing pages, writing content for your site, or any other marketing related writing.

A customer that couldn't find you is your competitor's customer..

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