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Optimization Techniques


Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of creating web pages that appeal to search engines. The higher the optimization level of the page, the higher ranking

it will receive amongst the search result listings for the relevant keywords. These actions are referred to as Website Promotion.

Optimization Strategies

The phrase "Think before you act" is the motto behind creating correct search engine optimization and to performing successful Website Promotion. Defining the goals of the

process is almost as important as the process itself. Correct thinking and comprehensive research is the winning combination in this process.

Our concept of a "correct process" of Website Promotion is composed of the following stages:

  • Keyword Research: Locating the most suitable key terms for promoting the website, sorting them by importance, and dividing them according to "landing pages" in the website.
  • Comparative Market Research: Examining market competition and constructing the website according to the promotion strategy that best suits the particular market.
  • Evaluation of the Website's Code: Examining the Website's code using known standards in its field and modifying the site accordingly.
  • Search Engine Optimization of the Website's Code: Inserting key terms in strategic places in the website's code while improving the readability of the website for both search engines and users.
  • Improving Website Texts: Performing minor text alterations in the website in order to bring it to an optimal state for the search engines.
  • Optimization of the Website's Internal Structure: Performing structural modification of the Website in order to center and attract the engines' attention to the correct pages.
  • Posting the Website to Search Engines and Indexes: Manual posting of the website to leading search engines and indexes, while optimizing the data submitted to these websites.
  • External Links Attainment and Development Program: Constructing a Website Attainment Program that will add links to your website.
  • Construction of an Internet Advertisement Campaign: Advertising the Website in different content websites (Walla, Nana, Tapuz, Google, purchasing links).

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