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The goal of PR Optimization is to channel a website's PR to the pages where it's most needed (the pages in which you invest most of your optimization efforts). By ordering your site's internal links correctly, you can create a situation where certain pages will have a higher PR than others and therefore will appear higher on Google's search results.

Before you continue reading, please make sure that you have already read the PageRank calculation article.

Increasing a website's Pagerank

In order to increase the total PR inside a website, you should use one of the following two methods:

    • Increasing the number of pages on your site and linking them to other pages so that Google will find them. This doesn't mean that you should just add empty pages or copies of content from other pages! This kind of action is prohibited and may result in penalties.
    • Obtaining links to your site from other websites.

    As of today, there are no known ways to increase the total PR of a website (not of a certain page!) through webpage optimization. The total PR (for all of the site's pages) is determined by three factors:

      • The number of pages on the site (each page adds 1 to the total PR). The potential internal PR of a website that has 1000 pages equals 1,000.
      • The amount of PR transferred to the site by external links (from other websites).
      • The amount of PR transferred to other sites by outbound links (Pagerank Leakage).

      The PR is channeled between the webpages through internal links.

      The purpose of PR optimization

      The purpose of PR optimization is to channel the PR inside a site so that it will be concentrated in the most important pages, so that these pages will get a boost in the search results.

      Incorrect use of internal links may lead to PR loss! A correct use will result in a PR amount that equals its potential (it will never exceed its potential).

      How not to waste PR

      The first way to prevent PR waste is by reducing the number of links to other websites to the required minimum. I'm not saying that you shouldn't link to other sites at all, just that you should think well about every outbound link you make.

      The second way is to prevent a dead end situation where there's a page that has another page linking to it, but contains no outbound link. This means that this page has no place to pass its voting power to, and therefore the vote is lost.

      The third thing to avoid is orphan pages that no page links to. In that case, such a page will not be found by Google and will not be included in

      the PR donation cycle.

      PR Channeling Optimization Strategy

      This is actually the heart of this article - how to maximize the PR where it's needed the most. First, you need to divide the pages on your

      site to several importance levels. Following is a possible example:

      Main Page
      Sub Category Sub Category Sub Category
      Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page Regular Page

      Following is a strategy that is intended to focus maximum attention on the homepage, with some weight to sub-categories (distributed evenly):

      • Regular pages do not link between themselves, only to the sub category above them.
      • Pages on a certain level are always linked to a page that is higher on the hierarchy.
      • A page on a certain level is always linked to the pages that are lower on the hierarchy.
      • There is no skipping between levels - there will be no link from level 1 to level 3.
      • All pages link to the homepage.
      • Sub category pages do not link to other sub categories.

      If you follow the abovementioned strategy, you receive the following PR division:

        • Homepage: 3.21
        • Sub Category pages: 1.71
        • Regular pages: 0.51

        Linking the sub categories between themselves will change the results as follows:

          • Homepage: 2.73
          • Sub Category pages: 2.08
          • Regular pages under the important category: 0.65
          • Other regular pages: 0.44

          One sided linking from two categories to the third one (the third one does not link to the other two):

            • Homepage: 3.07
            • The important sub category: 2.38
            • Other two sub categories: 1.54
            • Regular pages: 0.41

            And to conclude - some drastic strategies:

            All pages are linked between them:

              • All pages: 1.00

              The homepage links to all of the pages. All of the pages link only to the homepage:

                • Homepage: 6.05
                • All other pages: 0.57

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