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Search Engines

The best way to perform search engine site submission is to have an established website (with a pagerank of 4 and higher) that will link to your site. Search engines that will scan this site will encounter the new link and will check what it's about, meaning they will scan your site. This way you can perform a search engine listing fast and without cost.

The various indexes are a relatively easy way to add links (see below).

In any case, there is no doubt that the most important search engine today for search engine website promotion is Google. Three out of every four searches on the web are performed with Google and the placement in its search results can lift or crash a website.

New site Google submission form:

Google Submit Page

Automatic search engines submission

One of the best investments any site owner should consider is purchasing software that allows search engines and indexes to automatically list his site. This tool should also know how to perform automatic and semi-automatic listing in search engines and indexes.

A tool that assists submission to search engine and indexes:

Internet Business Promoter


Dmoz index

As strange as it may sound, the most important index to appear in is the dmoz index ( There are many reasons for that, but the most important one is the fact that Google and many other sites use your listing in dmoz to get a description of your site's content. The dmoz index is a non-profit index whose editors volunteer to edit a certain category or several categories. Actually, anyone can become a dmoz editor.

Anyone who wishes to create a dmoz copy can do it easily and is even encouraged to do so by the dmoz index. The result is that sites that are submitted to dmoz are listed automatically (without submission) in many other sites on the web.

It is highly recommended to read the article: tips for listing in DMOZ.

Walla, Nana, Tapuz and others

The above indexes are commercial, to differentiate from dmoz. These indexes' editors are its employees. Today these indexes have turned to content books on many various topics, while their locating of information on the web feature has become secondary. However, there are still searches that are performed with these, therefore listing in them is important. Listing in the commercial indexes will probably take a long time, and after the submitting is done, there is little chance to change it. Therefore you should plan well how you want to present your site, and when you should do it. For instance, you shouldn't present a half-baked site, since it will receive a low score with the index editors that will not change even if your site becomes the best website on the Internet.

When submitting a new site to the indexes, you should pay attention to the following:

Site Name: This is the most important part, and it will appear as the link text to your site. Here you should focus on your most important keywords. The first letter of the site's name has no great importance as the sites are listed according to score.

Keywords: Keywords should be separated with commas or spaces (this varies in each index). You should remember that each word has several inflections that may be very important for search results. For instance: bonbon, bonbons, the bonbon, to bonbon.

Short Description: This is the description that will appear after the site's name. In my opinion, the indexes also make great use of the description when they search for websites, therefore you should make sure that important keywords also appear in the site's description.

Category: Some of the indexes enable you to define in which category to list your site. I generally prefer to use general categories as much as possible.

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