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Website Hosting
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Website Hosting

While searching for a company that provides website site hosting services in Israel that you wish to use, there are many factors that you should consider.

After deciding that you want to create a website, you should choose a company that will host your site, and make it available for users 24 hours a day. This is the task of hosting companies. Choosing the right hosting company can save a lot of headaches and problems in the long run.

Hosting in Israel vs. Hosting Abroad

When Google sets the order of its search results, it also relates to the country where the site is hosted. If the search is performed through (Google Israel), websites that are hosted in Israel will have priority over websites that are hosted abroad.

Types of Website Hosting Companies

Types of Site Hosting Companies on the Internet:

  • Free Hosting: There are many companies that allow free hosting of websites on their servers. These companies usually suit small private businesses. The drawback with this kind of hosting is that advertisement ads will be added to your site over which you will have no control, you will not be able to build a site on your own domain, and support is usually minimal or non-existent.
  • Inexpensive Hosting Companies: These companies allow inexpensive site hosting with a decent service level. There is usually no initial fee, and the monthly fee is relatively inexpensive. These companies are best suited for owners of small commercial websites or for webmasters that do not require extensive support. The best companies of this kind will offer important services such as creating email accounts, statistic analysis of website traffic and more.
  • Webite Hosting Companies - Complete Service: These companies are best suited for hosting a large site that requires 24 hours telephone support. You should consider the fact that an complete service does not necessarily tell you everything about the quality of service the company provides.

Factors in Choosing a Hosting Company

In addition to the obvious dilemma regarding the ratio of cost and the service offered by the hosting company, there are several factors that should be considered. These relate to site promotion and optimization:


If the company servers suffer from crashes that make your website disappear or be unavailabe, this may cause a situation where search engines' robots reach your site and receive an error message. This will be reflected in poor search results. Not to mention the poor service your users will get.

UNIX Server vs. Windows Server

Hosting services today are divided to servers that are based on Windows technology and Unix technology. Windows servers will work best with ASP based websites, and Unix websites will work best with PHP based websites.

Statistics Level

The statistics package offered by the hosting company can either assist or interfere with the process of collecting essential information regarding a site's traffic.

Log Access

Checking your website's logs is one of the most important actions for checking your website's traffic, and for decision-making.

Server Location

As mentioned before, there is an importance to the country where the hosting server is located.

Reliable Website Hosting

If you don't require extensive support in handling your site and your target market is international, you can afford hosting your website abroad. The advantage of abroad hosting is that the cost is usually lower that the hosting cost in Israel, and in many cases the offered package is more attractive (hosting space, number of email accounts, quality of statistics). The disadvantage is that support is usually via email (which requires understanding English), there is a time difference between Israel and USA, and if the site is targeted to the Israeli market, this kind of hosting may be harmful regarding search results.

In brief, if your site does not require much support and is targeted for the international market, abroad hosting is definitely the solution for you.

IPowerWeb Site hosting packages that combine relatively low cost with high value on Windows and UNIX servers. We use the services of this company for hosting some of our websites.
StartLogic Site hosting packages that combine relatively low cost with high value on Windows and UNIX servers. We use the services of this company for hosting some of our websites.
LunarPages Low cost hosting packages, UNIX servers.

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